Monday, October 11, 2010

little of this and that

1. This past weekend was amazing the boys and I never left the house till Sunday for church and we had the best time ever!!! We played and played and napped and napped and it was great!! It's nice sometimes just to stay at home and hang out.
2. I got to spend some time with a very special friend and we picked up right where we left off a few years ago and it was just the medicine I needed. Lots of laughs!!!!!!!
3. Going to a few Halloween parties and can't decided what I want to be. The boys are going to be clowns I have the big shoes and all the wigs and makeup; they are going to be sooo cute!!!
4. I just had my flu shot and my arm is really sore and then I had a wellness screening and my triglycerides were wayyyy toooo high and they told me to quit eating sweets and fried foods. Oh Lord help me those are my favorite but since it was so high I must stop and take some Flax seed and fish oil daily. What the heck is Flax seed????? where do I find that???
5. I am in much need of a break from my job!!! I need a week off... Thanksgiving hurry up and get here mama needs some rest!!!
6. Still debating if I should go ahead and send Jake to Kindergarten. He will be 5 in March and he is so smart and I think he is ready but Im not sure. I can tell other parents what to do about their kids all day long but when it comes to mine I just don't know. His father thinks we should wait but he is always wrong so Ill probably do the opposite lolol (just kidding).
7. Well finally I got the nerve to watch the video of the birth of Jake and Ty. I have been wanting to see them for so long but afraid I would get really upset. Well I bit the bullet and watched them and cried like a baby. Jake and Ty were asking so many hilarious questions so I was crying and laughing all at the same time. Justin did a fabulous job on the video taping. It was funny how the videos already look old school!!! And it reminded me that I probably never want to have another child.... OUCH!!! I can't remember it hurting that bad but it looked very painful!!
8. Is very excited that burch and nathan are having another baby. They will not find out what it is so Im guessing boy!!!

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