Saturday, October 29, 2011

Have you seen this Man??

Have you seen this appox 23-25 year old man named John Tyler?? This is the face of the man who broke into my parents house and stole everything he could get his hands on. He is on the run because he just got out of prison and if caught he will go straight back. This is also the face of a little boy that I remember that lived with me as a child because his parents could not take care of him so my mom and dad took him under their wing and raised him. My parents clothed him, fed him, and gave him a wonderful environment to live in. His father over dosed while he was in prison and died so when he got out he came straight to my dad as a fatherly figure to get back on his feet. The wonderful man my dad is gave him the speech on following God and gave him clothes to wear and sent him on his way. My parents have cared for this boy since birth and the pay back they get was breaking into their house and destroying lots of things and taking everything my parents have worked so very hard for. I am very very upset and want him caught. He took a ring of mine that I had in a safe at my parents house and pawned it in Jasper Alabama and got lots of money for it and that is the money he is using to run from the police. There is a state wide warrent for his arrest because of the cruel things he has done and breaking into my parents house is not the only thing they have a warrent for. His other 2 firends that helped him break into my praents house have turned themselves in. Im asking my bloggers to pray for John Tyler and that he does the right thing and turns himself in to the police.

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