Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby on the Way

Well as Im getting bigger and bigger the fear of birth is kicking in yet again!! I had a wonderful easy great birth with Jake. With Ty it was a nightmare that I hope nobody has to ever experience. Since this will be my second c-section and the last one was a nightmare I am scared out of my mind that history will repeat itself. Lots of my friends had c-sections with no problems at all but since I did have complications with the last Im starting to have nightmares!! Im just praying that all goes smooth and easy!!
We all have our very own birth stories that are special to us and nobody else. Even though Ty's birth was horrifying it's MY story and after all the complications a very beautiful baby was born healthy and strong. I have begged my OB to let me try to have natural birth with epidural but she will not so c-section on August 22nd unless baby Alex decides to come earlier.
I have started on the nursery (pics to come soon). I have bought The Very Hungry Caterpillar bedding and am going to pick up a red rocker and a very comfy fuzzy rug. I am getting very excited to meet my new little man and wondering how it's going to go with 6 boys in this house with me!! I am so blessed.......

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