Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Falling Apart

Ok so getting old is everything everyone's told me! I will be 30 in May and it seems like everything is heading south lol! I went for my yearly check up at the Gyno yesterday and everything under the sun was out of whack. She told me that I would need hormones and I said WHAT?? because I hear my mother and all the older women I work with at school say I gotta go take my hormones... am I already one of those older women??? OMG I am so not ready for this but here it is and here we go!! So I went home complained and whined about getting older to Jeff which he showed me no sympathy and he said just wait till your 40 so I may have a come apart when I turn 40. I write all of this to say that I really am enjoying getting older (just not the pysical part). I love that I get to be a kid again when playing with my children. I love that as a teacher I am not looked at (anymore) as young and stupid and that I know nothing about raising kids. I love that now I can tell who my true friends are because they are the ones that have stuck around all these years and love me no matter what (Em Jane and Burch)! I also get to laugh because I remember all of those crazy things my parents use to say to me are making sense now like "This hurts me worse that it hurts you", "because I said so", and " I said no because I love you".
I know in this day in time we are so wound up in the materialistic things of this world that we don't take time to enjoy what God gave us. Some of my most favorite times with my kids is taking a blanket outside at night and gazing at the stars. This is the time when Jake and Ty ask me the most questions about life and when I feel like I get to have the best quality time them. Life is so hectic sometimes and I am trying so hard between full time job, grad school, baton studio, 4 boys at home and a husband to find time to STOP and enjoy what God has given us. Some of my most favorite memories as a child is sitting in the carport with my gradparents Ace and Roxie watching it rain!! Why I do not do this anymore, I do not know, but I am going to try because those two were the happiest most loving people I have ever met. So my goal is to slow down take deep breaths and laugh a little more Instead of running around like a mad woman trying to get all that is on my list done.


  1. I Love You Girl! (So does Earl or Barbara Gene) :-)

  2. I can't wait till Earl gets here I still think it's a Earl!!! lol