Thursday, September 9, 2010

this and that and more

Im tired and burned out from school. Graduate school is killing me with 4 kids at home full time job and graduate school I think I am over loaded and today just happens to be the day I feel like running as far away from life as I can. Just one of my pity parties that I have every once in a while!! You know you have them too!!! Jake is getting ready to start Kindergarten next year and for some crazy reason I have been emotional about that and he hasn't even started yet. He is going to a wonderful pre-school where he learns so much. He was getting to go all week long except every other Wednesday and now his father has decided to not let him go but 2 days one week and 3 the next week. He cries every morning when I have to take him with me to work because he wants to go to preschool with his friends. I am furious that he has taken this away from him and that Jake misses all of the fun stuff that they do. His father took this away from him because I would not agree to change weekends with him and I didn't because I have already bought tickets to an event that is on my weekend and if I changed with him I would have wasted $300 dollars of tickets because he would not have let them go. Furious is really not the word I have for this cause it's much worse than that but seeing my child cry every wednesday morning because he wants to go to school to be with his buddies and go to the fun thing they are doing that day is hard on this mommy!! He is behind the other kids on learning his words and I try to make up for it at home but anyway I needed to gripe a little bit. Oh and I pay $160 a week. There is no part time pay or just pay for the days you miss it's $160 straight up for both of the boys to go. So that is $640 a month jeeze!!!! Anyway Im upset and stressed out about this but know that it is only being done to hurt me but really it is hurting Jake and Ty. But this too shall pass and things will look up and hopefully get better for the boys sake!

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