Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Burn Out!!

I am officially BURNED OUT!! I no longer have the flame to go to work anymore!! I wished I had a refresh button but I do not. I am in grad school, teach baton, mommy to 2 boys plus 2 more, wife, teacher, drive to work an hour to and from, and well I'm just tired!!!!!!! My patience is no longer there I feel like the joy in life has been sucked out of my by all of the demanding things I have to do. I am cutting down on my list of things to do I am not sure if it will be baton, grad school, or work, but one of them is going and going to go away very soon!! I need time for Nina!! I worry and do for everyone else 24/7 and I must take some time to take care of Nina (kids first)! If the kids are with the other parent I am doing grad work or baton lessons to make extra $$ to pay for the boys pre-school! Maybe I just need a vacation alone for the weekend!! What I would REALLY like to do is take a leave of absence next year to just be a mommy, that would be PERFECT!!! Too bad it will never happen in this life!! LOL!! Just to mention I am soo jealous of Julie Greenhaw right now because I am thinking that she is at home and I am stuck in this 4 wall building!! (love you Julie but so jealous *hehe*) All of you stay at home moms, I would do anything right now to be in your shoes!! I know that is hard work too but still you are with your babies!! What brings this all out is Jake will be going to Kindergarten and it is about to kill me! I can't believe time has flown this fast but it has and I feel that I need to be closer to home. So please pray that I find a job closer to home  or I win a billlion dollars so I don't have to work!! lol!! : )


  1. Bless your heart! I love my life right now... (but not today, Parker's got a stomach bug!) :) Hang in there! You do a great job at everything you do!

  2. You are married to a doctor! Quit work!