Friday, March 4, 2011

Can't believe it!!!

I can't believe I registered my baby Jake for Kindergarten yesterday!!!! He will be five on Tuesday March 8th and where has the time gone???? He did perfect on the K assessment and is ready to go to K. He even asked if he could stay yesterday and I  could just pick him up later. I'm nervous and excited and sad all at the same time I'm pretty sure I need meds lol!!
Jake will have his very first baseball practice on his birthday. He is so excited and wants to go to practice every morning and every night! I am also keeping him in Karate because he has so much fun in the class that I will just find a way to keep him in both!
I have already started praying for God to give Jake a wonderful loving teacher that will take care of him and look out for his best interest. There are so many wonderful teachers there and I trust that God will put him in the perfect classroom!
God is so good to me and I am truly blessed!
This picture seems like it was taken yesterday!! : (
I do not like how time flies!!!!

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