Thursday, July 15, 2010

Changing my class name please help

Ok so we have classroom names like for the last 5 years I have been Chandler's Champions I want something different any ideas?? it needs to start with a C since I am Ms Chandler. Chandler's Cheeters is what Ms Lane downstairs calls my class and I call her Lane's losers so we have a battle all the time lol!! So any suggestions??????????


  1. IF I keep the name Long it will be Long's Ladybugs or Long's Longnecks and have dinosaurs on the back of the shirt jeeeze I can't make up my mind!! LOL Whats my name what am I going to be lol jk

  2. Let's see..... Chandler's Cheetah's...and I love Long's Ladybugs...

  3. Did I mention I am gonna miss you??? Please bring parker and visit Im sure you will with Shea being in your room!!