Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Did I mention that the start of a new school year is exciting and fun and a little stressful??? It's like getting a new car it smells good at the beginning of the year and you take care of it for several months then by the end of the year it's time for a new car!! Well I look at my new batch of kids like a new car I'm so excited to get them and decorate my room and get back with all my FABULOUS co-workers but I have NO MOTIVATION to get my rear end back to Florence to get my room ready!! I can smell the new car smell but I'm just not ready to get in that new car just yet!!!!!! I went to the learning tree today and got all excited about making a bulletin board and new name tags and new this and new that then I checked my e-mail from school!!!!!!!!!! And saw all the changed in scheduling and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that's when the stress hit and I have make 5 pages worth of notes trying to fit everything in to this new schedule of mine. So Thankful to have a job and and AWESOME job it is!!!!!! First grade is a blast and I am so ready to get in there and get started the thing is I just gotta get in there and quick!!!

Ty had his tubes put in today and his adenoids removed he did great and I'm sure the little guy can hear so much better!! Jake can't wait to go back to pre school and I am super pumped that he will be old enough this year to play sports!! So it's back to the grinder working, graduate school, kids, and adding sports to this should make it even more fun!!


  1. classroom name ideas:
    Chandler's Chambermaids
    Chandler's Checkbooks

  2. hilarious!!!
    Chandlers Chickens
    cherries??? and do a pink shirt?? oh the boys would prob not like that