Friday, July 16, 2010

Positive Thoughts with Nina Rae

I started this couple of months ago and thought I would start it again so here are my positive thoughts for the day
1. I have had a great time at Chuck E Cheese and Build A Bear today with my boys!!
2. I am reading a book called "Total Forgivness" and it is helping me deal with things and that I need to forgive those that have been mean and taked and lied so I am trying to have TRUE forgivness cause it is making me a ill person and I don't want to be that way.
3. Went shopping today and found GREAT deals!! Had to get new clothes for the new dress code at school!!!
4. positive things are happening in my relationship
5. tomorrow I am taking the boys fishing and we are going to have sooo much fun!! I just don't want to touch them!! lol
6. my boys are sitting in the floor beside me and their laughter is pure therapy to the heart mind and soul!!!
7. not really a positive thought but there is a lightning but in my kitchen and it's cracking the boys up and we all can't quit laughing cause they are trying to catch it!!! SO cute!!!!!!!
8. Ty did great getting tubes and adenoids removed he never skipped a beat!! And his eye is healing well from his fall and stitches. Oh and he is potty trained thanks to his dads hard work with him!

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