Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Decisions Decisions

My twirlers will be going to competition June 4th in Destin Florida. They are doing a routine to California girls by Katy Perry. Well if you have watched the video my options for outfits for my girls are limited to naked sitting on a cloud or bikini cupcake tops,,,I mean really???? So I have been searching and can't find anything but I did find this pic. I will not let the girls wear the socks and shoes just the little dress with leotard under it and toe socks??? Im not sure what to do this is difficult because the outfit has to correlate with the song so let me know what you think. My little girls are doing an 80s song so that will be easy just haven't found the right one I like yet.


  1. I would be afraid the parents would think it's too sexy for little girls.

  2. it's for high school girls and I thought the same thing but can't find anything..... im getting frustrated!!!