Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Ty Christian

January 10th, 2008 I was blessed with a 8lb 5oz 23 inch long precious baby boy!! Even though the birth was not the greatest experience because of lots of complications, he is the sweetest little thing ever. The c-section itself was easy it was the spinal fluid that leaked out twice that made it pure hell!!
Some of Ty's favorite things are: sleeping with me while I rub his belly till he goes  to sleep, eating anything in site, chocolate milk is his favorite and he throws fits if I do not fix it right when he asks for it (hehe), he loves to play with swords and guns and put as many as he can into his pants and the back of his shirt, he loves to do anything to Jake to aggravate (lol) but loves his big bubba more than anything, his favorite person is pawpaw (my dad), he loves to play hide and seek with mommy, and his most favorite thing to do is dance!!! Ty was not planned but sometimes the unexpected is the biggest blessings in our life, Ty sure is!! Happy Birthday Ty Christian Mommy Loves You So Much!!!

So glad I went and bought that little cake at the grocery store yesterday incase we got snowed in and sure enough we did. We  had a make shift b-day party here at the house. I bought cupcakes and party supplies for his class, I guess we will all be sugared up for the next few days at the house! We are taking Ty to iJump in Bham for his birthday party. It's just going to be the family I expect it to be tons of fun!!

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