Monday, February 28, 2011

I heart Baseball!!

Baseball is my favorite sport to watch. I registered Jake to play and he had "tryouts" Saturday. Needless to say it was the cutest thing ever!! They all got to take a swing at the pitching machine and they all tried very hard but needless to say no hits hehe!! After third pitch they were to run to first base and Jake decided to "show off" and slide into first, it was just precious and everyone was laughing the entire time because they were so stinking cute!!! I will know Tuesday night what team Jake will be on and when all of the practices start and games!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! I just hope I don't embarrass him yelling and cheering for him cause I am a big mouth when it comes to cheering for my boys!!
 IF you look at the above picture will notice Jake and Reece figting for the ball!! HA!! They made it a competition to see who could get the ball first and then takle the other!! I have a feeling it's going to get interesting LOL!!!

 Cooper (Kelcie save these to your computer)

A little fun after practice!!

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