Monday, February 7, 2011

A visit to the Doctor

As most of you do not know I have been under a tremendous amount of stress. I will not go into details about that but it's been absolutely insane what has gone on in my life. I really should call lifetime!! Anyway I have always had some issues with my heart and have always gone to a cardiologist in Birmingham since I was 15 years old. I took meds when I was younger and slowly got off the meds to see if I would be ok without them. I was just fine with an occasional episode once a month maybe if that! The past couple of months it has really been acting up. My heart races, sharp pains in my chest, tight feeling, hard to swallow, left arm goes to sleep, hard to catch my breath, you know all the symptoms to think you are going to have a heart attack but you are not. I decided it was time I go back and get everthing checked out again to make sure my valve was OK and that it had not gotten any worse. Thankfully my valve was just the same and nothing was different about it than before BUT I failed every test they put me though. All of the test combined took about 3 hours (exhausting)!!! Dr. Phillips told me my blood pressure bottomed out on every test and that I had a disorder called disautonomia. I said dis auto what??? I had never in my life heard of it but this is where your brain tells your organs what to do and mine is not working properly. This is why my heart is not beating right, not enough oxygen in my blood, have kidney infections all the time, and my sugar is out of whack. Everything that you do not have to think of that your body does, mine does not work right. Is this serious?? Could be if not treated properly but no cure just have to treat the horrible symptoms that go along with it. I have felt horrible for some time now (like 4 years) and I thought it was just me being ill and tired but nope it's this crap I will have to deal with for the rest of my life. It does cause severe irritability and I so have that, but only because I feel terrible all of the time!!!  I can't get out of a chair withut the feeling of wanting to pass out and then I'm out of breath and then I just wanna scream and lie down and not deal with a room full of 7 year old. The doctor has put me on blood pressure meds because my blood pressure is so low when I move in a different position it changes dramatically, a beta blocker for my heart, and something to help support serotonin in my brain. The meds are not fun to take because they make you feel like a zombie and the ability to function is zero. I am supposed to take it when I get home from work. I have started taking it around 6 and by 6:30 I am worthless. She said it would take my body 2 weeks to adjust to the new meds and after that I should feel much better! I am sooo ready to feel much better!!! I'm at work today but have no been able to have the spunk I normally have I'm like a turtle that's sleepy. I have also said goodbye to sweets and all caffeine products which makes this even harder since I love sweets and Dr Pepper. Its also one of my students Birthday today and guess what her mother brings for snack??? Oh yes CUPCAKES UGGGGHHH they are telling me to eat them but I'm not!! : ) I just hope I can stick to the drs orders!
I have a super supportative hubby that is working out with me everyday and heping me eat right. He is such a health nut and even though he really doesn't push me to do any of these things he still is helping by the way he is so decicated to eating perfectly and working out everyday. He told me last night just to go to bed because I was an absolute ZOMBIE good thing he is a Dr. so he knows what is going on with me. It's almost his birthday and we have super fun plans for that weekend and I am sooo excited!! I will post pictures soon!!! So as I begin this fun journey of having a weekly pill container I will keep you updated on being 29 but feeling and having a pill case like an 89 year old woman.

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