Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My girls

Ok so as you know I don't have any girls of my own so I just have adopted these girls as my own. I have opened up my own twirling classes at a local gymnastics studio in Haleyville and I have loved every second of teaching these girls. They make me laugh and it gives me some girl time because as most of you know I live in a house of 5 boys and ME just poor little ole me with no other girl but the cat Heidi. Jeff has a daughter but she only comes every other weekend and I love it when she comes but all the other times its just me and a bunch of boys. (which I love but ya know ya need some girl time every now and again) Anyway, these girls have been working SUPER hard on routines for competition coming up soon in Birmingham. I am very very excited to take them and show them off. Here are some pics I snapped last night at practice.
I guess you are asking WHY Addison is in a pic all by herself???? WELL........................ I tried to force her in the group picture and that didn't work and so I begged her to smile and me and finally right before she left she smiled at me. Little Stinker!!!!! lol!!!

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