Monday, August 23, 2010

So are the days of our lives

Since school has started back I have been super duper busy! I was visiting my parents one day and dad said Im going to build the boys a little playhouse. I was thinking ok but it won't happen for a couple of months and then I come back to visit the next few days and dad had seriously built the most precious playshouse. He worked very hard and did a fantabulous job and the boys were soooo excited and love it so much. Here are a few pics:
My 2 stepsons are playing on a pee wee football league and they are doing super great! I love watching them practice and I love watching Jake and Ty "pretend" they are practicing while the real practice is going on. Here are some pics:


  1. That playhouse is AMAZING! I am sure they love it! Where did you get their John Deer riding toy? We want to get Parker something like that for Christmas this year.

  2. They do love it and my dad is soooo good!!! I got their John Deer at Wal-Mart and it has 8,423,876 miles on it already lolol!!! They ride by their play house and check their mail because dad put a mailbox out there!!