Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some of Nina's Favorite Things

Well to be honest I never tried 100 Grand till a few weeks ago. Well I could not stop with just one so I have been eating the heck out of these things they are great!!! I asked if they were a new candy bar and got laughed at and this person said they had been around for years!!! Where the heck have I been?? lol

Favorite toothpaste

Can't live without my CHI. Jeff got me this for Christmas and I seriously can't fix my hair without it!
I love love love this cream. It helps with bags under my eyes and makes my skin feel great!! I use the PM solution at night!
This is my favorite jewlery! I have the neclace with 4 charms one with my initial 2 with my boys initials and one with a cross on it. I love love love this jewlery!
I also am a HUGE Brighton braclet with charms fan!! I have one braclet already full and ready to start my next one! I think I may start to theme them.
And if I were Opera I would give you all one of each of my favorite things!! lol

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