Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear Jeff,

Jeff keeps up with my blog so I know he will read this so here goes.
You know I love you but we just can't get married or move on unless I get this pig! Here is a picture, good luck finding it for me. I will know if you are serious about this engagement if you get me this pig!

This is the mini pig I was telling you guys about in the previous post. Jeff knows Im only kidding about getting this pig I just wanted him to see how CUTE they really are. Jeff thinks his cat Heidi will hurt it but I think that is just an excuse not to get me one!! LOL I love you Jeff and Im only messing with you!! : )
Look Jeff they get along GREAT with cats!! I think Heidi will love the pig!!! LOLOLOLOL


  1. Dear Jeff: Nina is an idiot! She does not need a pig! Ha-Ha!

  2. Jeff told me to tell you he totally agrees with you!! HAHA!!! He told me I would have to take care of a big one before I could get a mini pig!! HAHA So NO WAY!!! Hope all is going well with you!!

  3. No No No...I want you to get this pig. It's so cute! You get it and I'll come play with it.
    Jeff, please please buy Nina this pig. Make your engagement original...I don't know anyone that proposes with a ring and then a pig. I'm just saying...

  4. I toally agree Leah but he just won't give in to this request!! I mean Im not asking for much am I?? hahaha!! I really am afraid he is going to bring me a HUGE 100 pound pot belly pig so I need to be quite about this or he may really do it LOL!!!