Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The weekend and some other pictures I found!

This is who Jeff really wants to marry but Im ok with sharing him!! LOL This is in Vegas at Wax Museum she is not real so don't get too excited!!
This was at the 2009 SEC Championship Game in Atlanta. We had a Blast!!!! Except my Orange and Blue Team didn't win this time!! Jeff is such a good sport about me being an "anybody playing Alabama Fan"!! We went to the Auburn Alabama Game @ Auburn and he was the best sport ever!! I was going nuts cause Auburn was doing so good and doing my little War Eagle Dance but he just laughed with me but I guess because at the end Alabama ended up winning but I told him he was a better person now that he had been to Gods Country in AUBURN!!!  I don't have a picture from that game but we had so much fun! I also went with Jeff to his first Hooters Experience I even took his picture with the hooters girls, how sweet am I??? LOL

The weekend was Grrrreat!! Jeff and I took the kids to see the movie How to Train Your Dragon. It was a fantabulous movie and all 5 kids seemed to enjoy it. Saturday was full of baton lessons, and Jeff's Kids ballgames. It was a great beautiful weekend full of good times with our soon to be blended family. Are we telling when we are getting married?? welll.....................nah I'll just surprise you guys after the fact.
Gracie's Softball Game!
Ty so should not have this bottle but he does!! oops!

Grayson took the bottle away from Ty (I told him to) and Ty was just about to throw a fit before I took this picture lol! This will be all the kids except Graham is not in ths picture. They love each other and are so much fun to be around. So heres our basketball team minus Graham. So if you want to have  family game just call us...we are good!!! : )

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