Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This is where he proposed
This is right after he proposed! I was taking a picutre of the Gazebo

The MASSIVE ROCK!!!! WOW!! This was at Silky Sullivans before he proposed
Right after (bad pic) another couple took itSilky Sullivans before proposal and I really had no clue at all what he was about to do!!

We are very excited but are telling nobody about our plans to get married but will let you know when  it happens. We have 5 kids to consider and prepare for the big change and our kids come first. We were at "the gym last night he was working out I was teaching baton classes and I came out of class and he was telling everyone about our engagement and then said "well she's pregnant so we have to!!" I thought I would DIE cause that is so not true and embarrassed me to death!!! He always does stuff like this to me I should be use to it by now!!


  1. Congratulations!! I'm excited for you! That ring is beautiful and covers your whole finger looks like! :) Glad to see you so happy! And you look great!

  2. Thanks Leah I am still in SHOCK!!! The ring is so pretty and he did such a good job of picking it out by himself! He also did a good job of putting me in total shock!! So I guess you are planning away on your big wedding?? I know that is so exciting!!! Good Luck with all of your planning and keep me updated!!