Monday, March 22, 2010

Walking on Sunshine

Wow what an unexpected exciting weekend I just had!!! Went to Memphis to a Majorette Competition and saw the best little majorette groups I have ever seen. The song "Walking on Sunshine" will never ever ever be the same with out thinking about the MAN who did a majorette twirl solo to that song with a HUGE sunshine on his shirt!! So anytime I hear that song that guy will be dancing in my head!! Sorry I didn't take a picture I couldn't because I was trying to hold myself together so I would not laugh out loud so I looked at the ground most of the time just to keep it in!! But truly the best twirler I did see!! He was great!!
Well lets go back to Friday night......Jeff and I were eating at Silky Sullivans in downtown Memphis and had a blast. The singer was awesome it was just a great night! We watched the Grizzlies Flippers on Beale Street as we were walking back. The weather was PERFECT so Jeff said lets go up on this kazebo thing and I said nah it's says restricted and you have to have a permit to go up there and well while I was getting that out he was going over the chain and I said "what are you doing?" then before I knew it he was on one knee with this HONKER of a diamond in his hand. Needless to say I was speechless because I was in TOTAL shock and had no clue this was going to happen or if it would ever ever ever happen. We have been dating a little over a year off and on and off and on and off and on and I thought he is never going to make up his mind about me and well I think he did and I am very excited! Do we have a date set? nope but after it happens I will let you all know but nobody is going to know when or where or anything it's a surprise.
Saturday we went to baton competition and then shopped around then we went to the Memphis Grizzlies game which was awesome. We came home Sunday and I am still in total shock. I waited to tell Jake and Ty first then I told my parents. Jake and Ty didn't understand of course but they are the most important precious things in my life and they had to be the first to know! After I told my parents I called some close friends and in the next 30 min I was getting phone calls from everybody!!! Crazy how news travels in Haleyville Alabama!!
My new blog name will be the Brady Bunch cause Jeff has 3 kids I have 2 and it's going to be so fun and so wild. I mean we can have our own basketball team LOL!!! So are we going to have kids of our own??? huh who knows but for now I want a miniture pig  but Jeff says "No Nina, we are not getting a pig", HAHA I keep giving him cute names for the pig and he just rolls his eyes. Just wait till I bring one home and he can't do anything about it!!! If you haven't seen those miniture pigs you need to google it and look how cute they are!!! You will want one after you see them! They are like $4000 so Nina will not be getting one I just like giving Jeff a hard time!!! I do not have my camera with me today or I would post picutes of the weekend and the ring but I will sometime this week!!
We are idiots!! Well not me...he is!!! lol jk
We do have a little bit too much fun together!!!

So as Jeff and I plan our life together I will be blogging about it so stay tuned to see if we tie the knot in a week, a month, a year???? Who knows....... but the weekend was just like Walkin on Sunshine!!!


  1. Congratulations Nina!!! I can't wait to see pictures of this ring!

  2. Thanks Whitney and Congrats to you on baby #2!!!!!! How far along are you??