Monday, May 24, 2010

Positive Thoughts for the last week of school

If our thoughts are going to affect what we become it should certainly be a priority that we think right thoughts!!!!!!
My positive thoughts for the day:
1. Its the last week of school and I can't wait to be out for the summer.
2. I had a fabulous weekend with my kids
3. I am eating m&ms and thats always good.
4. Its a beautiful day outside.
5. Church was wonderful yesterday and a wake up call for me. The title was on how perverse the world is and how to steer clear of it.
6. I think I have a great husband???? (don't ever see him so Im not sure lol)
7. I get to teach baton tonight yippie it's so fun!
 Thanks for visiting the positive corner with Nina! : ) I think I should have my own show!! : )

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