Friday, May 21, 2010

This poitive thoughts thing is really working

So I have been using this blog as a means of writing down all the positive things in my life. It has really helped me block out the negative and use the negatives to make positives. So here is day 3 of my positive thoughts.
1. I felt God around me so much this morning that it gave me chills
2. Last night was the deepest conversation Jake and I have ever had. He is asking lots of questions about why mommy and daddy do not live together. I pulled out all photo albums and wedding albums and it made him so happy to sort of kind of understand. He got really  close to me and kissed me on the cheek and then asked how he got into my belly. I told him God put him there. hehehe so precious! Our night talks are the very very best! Ty is starting to talk a lot so he gets into the convos quite often
3. Today is my end of the year party!!!!!!!
4. Last nights baton class went great!
5. I have wonderful co workers that have already brightened my day and have already been a positive influence for my day.
6. I'm getting  really excited about moving and cooking. I know that sounds nuts but I like to cook and now I'm going to have 5 little mouths to feed and I'm excited about getting Jeff's kids away from McDonald's and to the table to home cooked meal. Plus I have not cooked in a VERY LONG TIME and  am excited to start back my passion. I love to cook didn't say I was great at it but I love it!!!

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