Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Would you like some cake and a smoke?

Oh what a WONDERFUL birthday weekend. I was woke up Saturday morning with Jeff singing happy birthday to me then the cat was inbetween us and he started singing the birthday song  with meow as the words...he is so hilarious and so sweet. Makes me laugh all the time!! Now Im going back a few months with this story because if I don't explain this you will not understand the rest of the story. Sometimes when I am stressed or frazzled or just because I have such a long drive to work I somtimes light up a cig. Not good for my health I know I know but I do it and I need to stop. So Jeff the health nut asked me Nina do you smoke and I could not lie nor hide it so I told him the truth. Well ever since then he has made sure to bring it up EVERYWHERE we go and make cracks at me for smoking. Well on my Birthday he said lets open your presents I got you and inbetween all the presents was this chocolate cake with 29 cigerettes to represent candles I thought I would fall over dead laughing. I was crying I was laughing so hard!! Then he told me I only married him cause he was a doctor and I could have a breathing machine at home because he knows how to work it!! He is so hilarious!!
This is Jake and Ty after I pick them up from spending the weekend with the other side. I had just given them a bath and put them on the couch with yummy snacks and a movie. They love doing this every night!! Chocolate Milk, Crackers w/ cheese and ham, cracker jacks, and a froot roll up. Sounds like a good snack to me!!!

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  1. Funny cake!!! BUT NINA!!! You need to quit smoking girl :)