Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Positive Thoughts Of The Day

1. My parents are the best and would have been left to die of stomach bug if not for my parents. Who kept the boys for me and cleaned up my puke and made me drink Mt Dew.
2. My kids are the best! I love our bedtime convos and midnight snacks!
3. I have a fabulous job and I have the summers off!!
4. I have wonderful twirlers that I am having so much fun with. They bring out the young in me.
5. I have a wonderful next door neighbor at school that makes me laugh everyday.
6. God is in control of everything so I need not worry!!!
7. I have this very special friend that when I call they are there and when I need this person they are there at my house in no time. I am really blessed and this person has held me together in lots of situations!! Love you!! You know who you are!!!
8. I have decided to list postiive things in my life every time I post so this so here  is my first attempt.
9. It is 3:00 and all of my students are gone THANK YOU JESUS!!!! I love em but at 3:00 im ready to Go!
10. I finally ate crackers today without puking them up and that is big news compared to the last 3 days of my life.


  1. I like this idea of listing positive things... I might copy it for my blog. You forgot to list #11. You are friends with the MOST BEAUTIFUL person in the entire world (me)!

  2. Ohhhh sorry about that!!! Ill remember next time!! LOL