Monday, May 10, 2010

weekend update with nina rae

Jeff got me a new lens for my camera and Im trying it out. I love it!!
My very precious dad with my boys!!
Gracie's Softball game and Ty making a mess at the game hehe
All of us at the fair
Jake on roller coaster
Jeff and Graham
Jeff and Jake on the big slide
Jeff letting me know how glad he is that I wanted to take all the kids to the fair!! hahaha
Jeff and Gracie
Front yard softball game
Graham on the big slide
Ty playing softball! : )

Just wanted to thank my mom and dad for making my mothers day so special! I seriously have the sweetest parents in the world. They took Jake and Ty shopping for me and they picked out a cute sun dress. I am so blessed to be the mommy of Jake and Ty and have parents who care about me enough to make mothers day special. The best part of Mothers Day was taking a Sunday nap inbetween my two precious boys waking up to a cooked meal made especially for me by my daddy and playing outside with my angels. When I got to  school this morning I got to hear how all my friends husbands made breakfast in bed so ladies all I can say is thank your lucky stars you have men who take time to thank you for being a great mommy. One of my friends was taken to Dales Saturday night then breakfast in bed Sunday morning and 2 new pair of Jessica Simpson shoes lucky dog I hate you! And the reson I hate her is that they do not have kids together just a dog and she has children by another marriage and he has children so all I can say is hang on to that sweetheart!!!
So you are wondering what the heck does this well of a piece of crap doing on nina's blog well.... this is the well that most of my childhood memories were made. I have made speciality mud pies here with mint leaves. I use to pretend this was my house and put my dolls all around there like they were my kids. I would also play like I was a school teacher and put my dolls in here with my chalk board and teach away!! Just thought I would give let you see a little place that means so much to me. This was my grandparents
and my grandmother Roxie would play with me out here while she got water from the well to water her beautiful flowers (which are not there anymore).

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  1. Looks like you all had a great weekend. Happy Mother's Day!