Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wild Tuesdays

Jake Bryant getting his hair cut!
Ty is wanting me to stop taking pictures of his brother and take a pic of him. : )
Ty trying to dance for his brother so he will laugh.
Ty getting his hair cut.
The ball was just hit and Graham found a bug and decided to play with the bug instead of watching the game hehe!!
Ill show my buddy my bug!! LOL
Grayson getting ready for the pitch
Jake loves watching Grayson and Graham play
Ty loves to watch some baseball
Jeff and Grayson after his GRAND SLAM!!! Way to go Grayson!!!

I took off a little early today so I could so to SS office to wait an hour to change my name and then go home to take my boys to get their hair cut then it was off to watch Jeff's boys play and his daughter play softball. I was pooped after all the excitement.

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