Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 1 of Spring Break!

This is Jackson Sawyer, Jake and Ty right before entering the Zoo in Birmingham!
Jake and Ty looking at Fish
Me and Boys on the Train
Kids Favorite Animal at Zoo the Tiger!!

I have no idea!! LOL They just wanted to show off!!

Jackson and Jake in the Splash Pad at the Zoo
Leslie and Jackson...look at that tired face on Jackson lol!!
If you look close you can see the big bird in the back he was about to throw a huge rock at this bird and I didn't know it. Sneaky little guy!!
Jake is making a mad face cause I was making him take a picture!! haha
Mommy and her favorite little guys in the world!
Gotta Pee Mommy!!!!!!!!
Jake in the Bubble Zone
Ty in the Splash Pad
my cute little Jake
Look at that sweet face!!

We had a great time at the Zoo! Leslie and I had a Blast chasing our kids around. After we left teh zoo we met our college friend Martina and her son Colton for some icecream. It was great to see her and Colton!


  1. Wow... You got these pictures up fast. I wish I would have met y'all at the zoo afterall... but I HATE being hot, so I probably would have complained the whole time anyways. Ha!

  2. What fun! Tell Leslie I said hi. She doesn't post much and I don't even know if she checks her blog. You, Leslie and Martina have very handsome little men. :) Too bad they won't get to be Phi Mu's. :)

  3. Looks like a really fun day! So glad that ya'll got to go!

  4. I love their matching green shirts! Also, that "I gotta pee" picture of Jake really cracked me up!