Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Adjusting Time

Sooo Jeff and I are getting the kids adjusted to the new life slowly. Just let me say that first of all Jeff is the most amazing dad with patience of Job!!! So Friday we all stay at Jeff's house and play and it went great. My kids love staying over there. Saturday I kept all 5 kids for the first time alone for a couple of hours and it was no big deal at all actually it was tons of  fun. Then we all decide to stay at the new house when the storms came through and everyone played and a few got lost in the new house and there were a few tears but no big deal. We stayed there most of the day getting everyone use to the idea of the new house. After the storms passed it was beautiful outside and all the kids jumped in the pool with their clothes on which was quite funny and Ty decided he would join the fun and do it too. Scared me to death but I don't think he will do it again because it scared him to death as well!! We went back to the other house stayed the night and me and my two got up to go to church and then we all met for lunch and I kept Grayson while the other two went to practice with Jeff. Only one door was broken, nobody got hurt, and Jeff and I survived. I think that was an accomplishment all in itself!! I meant to take pictures of all of this fun but I left my card to my camera at home or there would have been lots of hilarious pictures. So when are we moving in?? I really have no idea but it will be in the next couple of weeks. The way it is now works out great for Jeff and I and all the kids. We are happy as can be and are so thankful for all of our blessings! Another question I get asked all the time are y'all going to have more kids?? hahahahaha we have 5 together don't you think that's enough??? But you never know if God wants us to we will if not we won't and maybe Ill get that pig I've been wanting that Jeff won't let me!!
Jake will be graduating from Pre-School on May 29th I am so excited to see him walk in his cap and gown! He will go to pre-school one more year before he starts to Kindergarten and I can't believe he is already getting this big. It makes me so sad. He told me the other night "mommy I can't wait to be 5!" I asked why and he said "because I will be big and you can't give me a bath, and go on the baseball field with me anymore". I said OK you don't want me to do those things anymore and he said Nope I will be 5 and that means Mommy's can't do that anymore!! awwwwww so so depressing... I told him I wanted him to always be my baby and he said no mommy I'm growing up now!! lol so stinking cute!!! Oh me I didn't know my babies would grow up this fast but they are and I'm enjoying every second with them.

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