Monday, April 19, 2010

Text mesg from the hubs

So as it is my first day back at work as a married woman and so far it has been great except for my mother flipping out about me not telling her I was getting married!! So I can imagine it's going to be not so great tonight when I get Jake and Ty later. I can probablly imagine that she is going to be a bit pissed!! But anyway I just got a text from my hubby that said "You are very precious to me and I love you" awwwww made my day!! He really is the best!! I am always ready for anything totally embarassing he will say when we are in public just for example we were getting our marriage license last Thursday and he told the lady that it was my 8th marriage could I still get married?? I THOUGHT I WOULD DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But thankfully everyone knows him cause he is the doc in town and they knew he was full of crap and then I asked if I could lock him up in jail if I got tired of him and they said yes so I was good with that!!! The very first time I went to his clinic he said "Nina didn't you say you wanted to have sex in my office?" OMG I know I was a zillion shades of red but everyone just told me to slap him! So for embarrasing moments he has totally got me but I always get him back!! We have a lot of fun together and are always laughing and making fun of the other. I can say this it's always interesting!!!


  1. I can NOT believe you didn't tell your mom, you idiot!

  2. Martina I think my new name should just be idiot from you!! thats what you seem to call me ALL THE TIME so I think it should stick!! LOL!!!