Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good Book

While Jeff and I were at the beach I read The Noticer by Andy Andrews. If you have not read it please do it is great and gives you some light to different "perspectives".  While reading it, I was tuned into a toatlly different perspective on what Jeff needs from me and what I need from him. One of the stories in the book has a husband and wife going through a divorce but when Old Man Jones got a hold of them and told them to look at how each of them feels love then they changed their perspective on love and made their marriage work. We all feel love in a different way ,I like to be shown Im loved by spending time and telling me that you love me where Jeff loves to be told he is appreciated and petted but does not need the time I do. So I pet him and have learned that I do not have to be with him 24/7 and he has learned to take some time out just for me every now and again. This book is not just about marriages you just have to read it to see all the different perspectives. It has changed the way I look at things in my life and how to love those in my life better and to look at the grains of sand that make the big picture. It's the grains of sand that make the biggest impact not the big picture. Jeff and I gathered sand at our sweet little wedding and I am going to spay glue a canvas and put the sand on the canvas so it will remind us of our wedding day and that it's the small grains  of sand that are important.

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