Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lucky Me

All I can say is I am soooo blessed! I have the most amazing husband in the world I really do. He has custody of his 2 boys and is the best dad I have ever seen (besides my very own dad whom I think is the best). He loves his kids and mine and what really gets my heart pumping is that there is one other little precious girl in his life that is not his but he loves her like his own. He doesn't have to do so many things that he does but he does it and does it with a cheerful heart. Even though he doesn't think he has a big heart I think he has a huge heart and Im so blessed to get to spend the rest of my life with him.
I love the way he loves his kids and mine and I really love the way he loves me. He is so patient and kind and sometimes and idiot which make it so much fun!! 
This is Jeff being silly!! But he is so much fun and makes me laugh all the time!! Lucky Lucky Me! (we may have our first tiff after marriage because I posted this picture but he will get over it because I could put some other pictures on here like when he tried on my skinny jeans oh yea HILARIOUS!!!!)

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